Poster Partners


We are excited to have you as a Talking is Teaching Poster Partner in our region. Families with young children look to you as an important resource in our community and by participating in the Talking is Teaching campaign in this way, you can show your support for families and promote the optimal development of children. Our Talking is Teaching campaign is designed to meet families where they are and help them incorporate talking, reading, and singing to their child into everyday interactions. The more parents talk, read, and sing to their kids, the greater the child’s vocabulary and literacy skills, which predicts better outcomes for their lives and our community. YOU play an integral part! Displaying the Talking is Teaching posters in your business/establishment presents opportunities for families to engage in conversation, build language development, and connect in meaningful ways.

Our biggest ask? Please keep the Talking is Teaching posters displayed for at least two months. We have many different posters that focus on different themes, such as holidays or seasons. Please contact us by clicking the “Poster Feedback” button below if you want a new themed poster, additional posters, or if you know of another business/establishment that would like to join the cause.

Thank you for helping us champion early childhood literacy!

Other posters that will be available to display: