Fraternity of Fathers

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Northern Michigan dads have a unique opportunity to help us pilot the virtual version of Fraternity of Fathers in partnership with Zero to Thrive and Michigan Medicine.  Anyone fathering a child ages 0-8 in Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, or Leelanau Counties is eligible to participate.

Dads, come join us for a 10 week virtual series, Fraternity of Fathers. This experiential program, based on adventure therapy, will help you learn more about yourself, understanding your child and their behavior, and how you can promote attachment in a fun, interactive, virtual format.

We know that fathers play an important role in a child’s physical, cognitive, social and behavioral development. But despite this fact, there are few resources and little support available for men in this role. Until now. Fraternity of Fathers is a group for dads and currently expecting dads.

Fathers gather together in 10 weekly virtual sessions to engage in activities that get to the heart of what it means for them to be a father, what influences in their lives have had an impact on how they parent, and new ways to think about and understand their kids’ behavior and development. The information is presented in an experiential way, it is not a lecture or a class where participants only sit and listen. Fraternity of Fathers is a dynamic program with puzzles, action, problem solving, and lots of opportunity for discussions.

Fathers agree to hold space for the group and be fully present when ever possible during sessions, this includes being present with video and minimizing distractions.

All dads with children 0-8 are welcome, whether you are expecting your first child or have already have children, whether they are biological children, or formally or informally adopted. If you are a dad who is parenting in some way, this group is for you.

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