5toONE Playgroup Schedule

Our 5toOne playgroups are held at various locations throughout the five county area. Each session is free and open to families with young children. All playgroups include a story and a snack. To find a playgroup near you or for more information, please contact us at GSC-info@northwested.org or 231-342-5400.

Come play, learn, and grow with us at 5toOne playgroups!

5toOne Playgroups: Building Connections Through Play

Our 5toOne playgroups are a vital part of the Great Start Collaborative and Family Coalition’s initiative to support early childhood development and family engagement in the Traverse Bay area. These playgroups are designed to provide a welcoming and safe environment where young children can explore, learn, and grow through play, while parents and caregivers connect, share experiences, and access valuable resources.

Purpose of 5toOne Playgroups

1. Promote Early Childhood Development: Our playgroups are structured to encourage the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of young children. Through age-appropriate activities and guided play, children learn new skills and build confidence.

2. Strengthen Family Bonds: We offer a space for parents and caregivers to spend quality time with their children, fostering stronger family relationships. The playgroups also provide an opportunity for families to bond over shared experiences and form supportive networks.

3. Support for Parents and Caregivers: Our playgroups are not just for children; they are a resource for parents and caregivers too. Participants can access information on child development, parenting tips, and community resources. Our trained facilitators are available to answer questions and provide support.

4. Build Community Connections: By bringing families together, our playgroups help build a sense of community. They provide a space where families can connect with each other, share resources, and support one another, creating a strong network of engaged and informed parents and caregivers.