5toONE is our way of addressing persistent challenges facing young children by creating a 5-county system of resources that both provides support and inspiration to all families and addresses the acute needs of families most in need of help; if we do this well, the Traverse Bay region will be the best place in the world to raise kids.

Raising young children in rural areas is different from raising children in urban and suburban communities.  Distances are long, resources are not evenly distributed geographically, and opportunities for participation in the activities and programs that help families prepare young children for school and life are scarce.  As a result, the most critical needs of families can often go unseen and unmet.  The 5toONE model was designed, with input from parents, early childhood educators, service providers, and representatives of diverse organizations and businesses, to function in rural communities and provide equitable access to supports for all families.

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5toONE is a system with three components:  (1) local Neighborhood Centers; (2) a regional network connecting parents, early childhood professionals, service providers, and community stakeholders through social media and a dedicated website; (3) a core support team of early childhood professionals and parent leaders. To learn more visit our website 5toONE.org and connect to the network through social media: