5toONE Host Organizations

How we select locations for 5toONE Neighborhood Centers

5toONE Neighborhood Centers are located in communities that are under-resourced with respect to early childhood programs and services, and where there is a concentration of families raising young children.  During the early phases of model design we asked parents where they wanted to go, and how far they were willing to travel, to attend playgroups and access services.  They said, in order of preference from most preferred to least:  playgrounds, schools, libraries, churches, government offices, and health departments.  They preferred to travel 10 miles or less, and many commented that they wanted activities that were close to home where they could network with other families from their neighborhoods.

How we partner with 5toONE host organizations

Organizations that either already have as part of their mission serving families raising young children in their communities or that want to begin serving families are evaluated as potential host organizations.  We complete a preliminary checklist with a potential host organization to determine whether the organization has the capacity to host playgroups and other activities, and if families will be safe coming to the location.  The next step is to convene host organization leadership and staff, any volunteers, and several parents who are likely to attend playgroups and create an advisory group for the 5toONE Neighborhood Center.  As soon as the host organization is ready, a playgroup is scheduled and the 5toONE team begins supporting the Neighborhood Center.


Every community is different, and brings different resources to the table. Thus each 5toONE Neighborhood Center is the  product of the unique capacities of the host organization, families, and their community.  The 5toONE sustainability model is based on helping communities discover new ways to use existing resources to create and maintain local opportunities to nurture children and strengthen families.

The Host Organizations

Betsie Valley Elementary School 

17936 Cadillac Hwy, Thompsonville MI 49683| 231.378.4164

Birch Street Elementary School

309 N. Birch Street, Kalkaska MI 49646| 231.258.8629

Buckley Community School GSRP Building

305 N 1st Street, Buckley MI 49620| 231.269.3325

Grow Benzie

5885 Frankfort Hwy, Benzonia MI 49616| 231.882.9510

Great Lakes Children’s Museum

13240 S W Bay Shore Dr., Traverse City MI 49684| 231.932.4526

Incredible Mo’s

1355 Silver Lake Crossings Blvd., Grawn MI 49637| 231.944.1355

Kalkaska County Library

247 S. Cedar Street, Kalkaska MI 49646| 231.258.9411

Lake Ann United Methodist Church Community Center

19900 First St., Lake Ann MI 49650| 231.275.7236

Mancelona Elementary School

231 W. Limits Road, Mancelona MI 49659| 231.587.8661

Rapid City Elementary School

5258 River Street, Rapid City MI 49676| 231.331-6121