Kids & Families

Things to Do with Kids!  County-based Calendars: (you are welcome to attend activities/events in any of the counties.)

Event Flyers:

2014 Round Up dates (Kindergarten Round Up Dates and Locations)


Looking for additional workshops?

Additional workshops can be found at select the “Educator and Provider Training” tab then select your county.  (Training is free for parents and childcare providers to attend unless otherwise noted.) Please call TBAISD Early Childhood Office for more information, 231-922-6437 or email



Learn about developmental stages and steps to Kindergarten Readiness! CARES_Continuum 2013 REV

Great Start Parents

We are a volunteer network working to ensure that all children enter kindergarten safe, healthy, and eager to succeed in school and life.  We aim to:


  • Provide opportunities for training & activities for parents & caregivers of young children
  • Advocate for better early childhood services & systems
  • Recognize parents as their child’s first & most important teacher
  • Empower parents to be leaders and advocates in their home, workplace, & community
  • Network with other parents
  • Take time to learn about early childhood & parenting
  • Strengthen families

iStock_000000465115MediumLet’s all work together to give our kids a GREAT START!